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Website color styles may be easily customized in the Extensions/Gantry 5 Theme interface.

  1. Make sure the Base Outline is chosen in the left dropdown, so that all website pages are customized.
  2. The main website colors are customized in the Accent Colors, Header Colors and the Offcanvas section.  
  3. Click the color you want to customize and choose a color. If you are trying to match a logo color for example, you may type in the hex code (like #ecbc2e).
  4. You may also customize various website sections. Each customization may be of background and text. If your background is light, then text needs to be darker to show. If your background is darker, the text needs to be lighter. Most likely you will not need to customize various website sections.
  5. When you have customized the colors, click Save Styles and then Clear Cache at the bottom. You may then look at your website and see how it looks.
  6. If you click a Preset Color after customization, the Preset Color will replace your customization which will be lost.
  7. If you don't like your Preset Colors, you can customize them at any time or go back to a Preset Color.

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