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Get Started

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Components/Gantry 5 Themes
  3. Select Base Outline in upper left and Layout to the right.
  4. Click the gear icon in the Logo / Image block in the Header section.
  5. Select from the following options for your logo.

Text Logo

  1. In the Particle tab, change the Text box to your church name.
  2. Your church name will appear as white in the Header.
  3. If you delete the "white" CSS Class, your church name will appear as a darker color in the header.

Image Logo

  1. In the Particle tab, click the Image icon twice to open the image picker.
  2. Click to open the logo-yourchurch folder. (Do not use the "logo" folder, as it will be overwritten on updates). 
  3. Click the green "selecting them" link below, find your logo and upload it.
  4. A transparent png file of a white logo will work well against a colored header.
  5. You can see how a non-transparent jpg file looks against the colored header as another option.
  6. You can set the background color of the logo block by clicking the Block tab, clicking the + under Tag Attributes. Then enter style with value background:color; where color is either a color name or a hex value such as #FFFFFF for white.
  7. To customize the header color, go to Components/Gantry 5 Themes/Base Outline/Styles/Top Colors. There you can set the color of the header background and the text color in the header.
  8. Type Center in the Variations box to center your image if desired.
  9. Block size can also be adjusted if necessary by typing in the percent.
  10. When finished click Apply and Save, then Clean Cache below.

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