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  1. The Directions/Map page is an article (Content/Articles) named Directions. You can add any text and/or images that you would like to this page. A picture of the church building would be appropriate. 
  2. In the article text is the code {loadposition church-map} which loads a module into the church-map position.
  3. Go to Components/RSEvents/Locations and edit the premade location for your church. Input your church name, address and make sure the map is correct.
  4. Edit the Sunday Worship Event as follows:
    1. Go to Components/RSEvents/Events.
    2. Set Search to Show Child Events = No and Add Filter. This will show you the parent Sunday Worship event.
    3. Click the Sunday Worship event to customize for your church. 
    4. You can edit the event image by clicking on it.
    5. Before saving, click Recurring on the left, then click the check box "Apply changes to all occurrences."
    6. Then Save and your parent and all child events will be updated.
  5. Then access the module (RSEvents!Pro map module) at Extensions/Modules position church-map.
  6. In Locations, select your church name, Save and Close.
  7. You can show maps to other event locations in this same way.

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