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Ministry Team Modules

  1. The Ministry Team or Staff page is populated by using Ministry Team modules in the Extensions/Modules section. Each position has two modules, for example, Ministry Team A and Ministry Team Icons A, which would be in position mainbar-a. Each module contains a Gantry 5 particle which can be easily edited. If you do not want any icons to appear, just unpublish the appropriate Icons module. 
  2. Upload staff picture images into the particles folder named appropriately and sized 400x300px. The upload image dialog within the particles do not allow you to resize and/or crop the images. You may use an external website to edit your images (such as or upload through the article  *Image Upload to the particles folder.
  3. Four positions are published in your premade site. If you don't have that many, just unpublish the modules you don't need.
  4. If you need more than four staff positions, duplicate the number of modules you need. The second row of staff modules should have positions mainbar-2a, mainbar-2b, mainbar-2c, mainbar-2d. 

Ministry Team Outline

  1. If you need more than 8 staff positions, you will need to add the module positions in Components/G5 Themes  with upper left outline *Ministry Team selected.
  2. If desired, you could adjust the module positions to have, for example, 3 positions in a row in this outline This would mean that the staff image would need to be larger.

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